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Interview with Dr. Isaac Golden – Homeoprophylaxis

Dr. Isaac Golden

Could there be an answer, a safe alternative, to pharmaceutical vaccines? Dr. Glidden’s guest today is Dr. Isaac Golden who received his doctorate in Homeoprophylaxis from Swinburn University in Australia. He is one of Australia’s most experienced homeopathic practitioners, lecturers and authors. His website is and his email address is

Homeopathy and Homeoprophylaxis

Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in 1796. It is a therapeutic method which selects medicines using the Law/Principle of Similars, and prescribes medicines using the Law/Principle of Minimum Dose. Homeoprophylaxis, which Hahnemann also developed, is a proven method of disease prevention that is safe and natural.

Dr. Golden’s Decision Making Flowchart asks what diseases should be prevented: His instructions are: First, make the person as healthy as possible. Then, maximize serious disease prevention through the use of vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis. Most vaccines are 75% to 95% effective. However vaccines can be very toxic, as reflected in the billions of dollars paid in vaccine damage compensation.

Homeoprophylaxis is not toxic and its efficacy is equivalent to vaccines. Dr. Golden describes his awe-inspiring experiences with natural immunization in Cuba involving the prevention of Cholera, Hepatitis A, and Dengue. He lists extensive evidence of successful disease prevention in Australia, Brazil and particularly in India.
The CCRH, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, was established as an autonomous organization in 1978 and fully funded by the government of India. It has a multidimensional approach to research. Dr. Golden emphasizes that India is a treasure trove of data about Homeoprophylaxis.

The RAECH Program, Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell Homeopathy Program, is a platform created by the Department of Homeopathy in the Government of Kerala in 2001 in order to combat epidemics. A Homeoprophylaxis remedy can be found within two weeks of a particular disease outbreak. Vaccines, on the other hand can take six to twelve months to develop.

Dr. Glidden is humbled by all this information. Though he is an experienced homeopath, he was not aware of Homeoprophylaxis, its wide-spread use and undeniable effectiveness. Dr. Golden assures him he is not alone, that other homeopaths and people in general have so much to gain by researching this subject.

Information Parents Need to Know

Dr. Golden has been working with the parents of vaccine damaged children for nearly three decades and he hopes that those listening will access his research and experience with DPT vaccinated children. These children can be hyperactive, have ADHD, are easily angered and violent. Some vaccine damaged children are physically affected with ear infections, asthma and even epilepsy. He is currently developing a web based course for the treatment of vaccine damaged children.
Available Resources by Dr. Isaac Golden:


1. Immunization Options: a Simple Guide for Parents who care (2015)
2. The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homeoprophylaxis (2012)
3. Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis 7th ed. (2010)
4. Vaccine Damaged Children: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons (2010)
5. Homeoprophylaxis: A Fifteen Year Clinical Study (2005)
Web Based Lectures
12 Sessions for Practitioners
4 Sessions for Parents

Interview with Dr. Isaac Golden – Homeoprophylaxis

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