To whom it may concern:

Regarding “Max” and ownership. I understand there seems to be some question as to who owns “Max”.

Let it be known and understood with no doubt that John is the owner.

I have been friends with John for years before the girlfriend (Whos name I do not even recall). John has a long history of coming over to our place and he had a very strong bond with Max’s Father, whos name is also “Max”. Johns bonding with the Father is why he named the puppy “Max”.

Also, if anyone has said that either my Wife or I have said anything to the contrary – let it be known that is NOT True. Neither one of us has addressed this issue until this writing.

Let there be NO MISTAKE on this issue. “Max” was a gift from us to John.

Should anyone like to verify this by talking to us directly. Please feel free to call the phone number posted PUBLICLY on the website for Anna Liza which is:

Or call me at:



Additionally, you could fax the request to:

toll free: 1(855)Van-Dine

We do not appreciate people using our names in a dishonest fashion, so please take our message here as the final word on this issue.

Kind regards and Aloha!

Rod Van Dine

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