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90 Day Boot Camps for Health

Our 90 day Boot Camps for Health are programs that are highly effective and require a commitment of at least 90 days (although some ailments show dramatic improvement much sooner)!

These Boot Camps have a 100% success rate in making a substantial difference, if not completely reversing your specific health situation. As such, you will be required to participate fully in the program.

The program includes:

– Initial Healthcare Evaluation
– All Healthcare Monitoring required during the program
– Education on your specific Ailment
– Strict Dietary Guidelines
– Specific Medical Nutrients program*
– Digestive/colon flush (if needed)*
– Herbal remedies*
– Acupuncture Treatments as needed
– Bodywork/Massage as needed
– Mind/Body Imagery Sessions as needed

We have a unique, holistic approach to our 90 Day Boot Camps and the results are exceptional!

The total program fee which covers everything above (except for Medical Nutrients/Herbology/Colon flush) is a flat fee $499.00.

We are so confident in our programs’ efficacy that we only ask for 50% up front.

If you do not achieve substantial results by the close of the program, you do not have to pay the balance of the fee! We meet you half way!

Together, we can change your health!

*Fees for Medical Nutrition/Herbology/flushes will vary from patient to patient and are based on a number of factors including body weight. On average, a participant can expect to pay between $3 – $5 per day for Medical Nutrients/Herbology per 100 bs of body weight. Colon and other flushes are decided upon on a case by case basis.

This is about the cost of one Latte per day…

Ready to get healthy?!

Click the ‘Appointment’ Button below and select – ‘Orientation: Boot Camps’ from the ‘Services’ menu.

Remember, the orientation is free of charge.


We have a 100% success rate and we do not wish to lower our average – therefore, it is vital that you attend a free orientation so that you know exactly what your commitment will be! If you do precisely as our Primary Care Practitioner prescribes, you will get results! This is a serious commitment that will only be offered to you once you have attended the free 90 Day Boot Camp Orientation. At that point, our Program Director will decide if you are qualified and will extend an offer for you to participate.

The Main Criteria will be whether or not we believe you will follow the protocols… Serious Applicants Only!

Look below for specific Boot Camps available:


Many of our clients came to us having been on Hypertension/High Blood Pressure medication(s) for twenty years or more. After our program, their regular M.D. took them off all medication as their pressure had stabilized for the first time in decades. If you are suffering from High Blood Pressure/Hypertension, you owe it to yourself to attend an Orientation for our 90 Day Boot Camp for Health: Hypertension!

Diabetes Type 2

It’s time to get your Blood Sugar under control and we can help! If you are suffering from Diabetes Type 2 and/or other blood sugar issues and you are dedicated to getting back to normal, healthy levels… then schedule a consultation with us immediately, especially if you are self medicating with insulin! Your new, healthy life is only 90 days away and in most cases improvement happens within days/weeks! Stop suffering now!

Arthritis, Bone and Joint Therapies

Did you know that arthritis is one of the easiest ailments to reverse? Learn how Arthritis in animals has been a thing of the past for decades, and how Humans can benefit just as well. Our specific treatments are remarkably fast and can have you opening jars and being pain free in less time than you might think! Are you facing knee or joint replacement surgery? Our programs have had remarkable results… if there is blood supply to that joint we can help you rebuild connective tissue, cartilage, bone matrix and bone itself! Arthritis, bone and joint treatments are here!

Digestion, Gluten, and Absorption

Eating and proper supplementation is a fact of living a long, healthy life especially with the status of plant derived minerals being depleted in this counrty. Add to the mix the current situation with GMO’s and the serious health impact that Gluten is taking on our society and one comes to realize why it is that so many people are suffering from Celiac and other digestive issues

Weight Loss

Think abut it… your body grew and created itself from one single cell, doesn’t it make sense that your body has the capability of regulating and fixing itself? Of course it does! All you have to do is give your body the raw materials it needs in order to support and promote the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself. Exercise has nothing to do with it! On our program you can lose 1/2 – 2 lbs per day!

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