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Bodywork Practitioners come in all flavors and experience. Here at the Go-Aloha Sports & Pain Relief Center we have a unique set of offerings which cannot be found anywhere else in the World! Our Primary Care Practitioner (Anna Liza Van Dine) invented the following three highly personalized and intuitive Bodywork systems which have become sought after by people who travel long distances just for her healing touch! Take a look at each offering below and go ahead and book an appointment so you can Feel Better Now!

They were super friendly and the whole experience was very relaxing
Ana R. · December 1, 2016 · Verified

Went for myself due to a neck injury – Liza was so great, I came home and got 2 visits for my husband. Liza is amazing! Thank you again, Liza :)
Teri · Verified

Magic Hands! Liza is a tiny person and I am a large person. I thought she might not have the physical presence to do deep work on a large person, but I was quite mistaken! I told her as she was working on me, ‘those hands got much bigger!’ This Lady is a natural healer. I was impressed with her work mentally, touched emotionally and quite satisfied physically with the long healing session of bodywork she did for me. I give her my highest recommendation. – Santa Rosa, CA

Loved it!
Annette D. Verified

Heaven sent! That’s what Liza is! Liza is terrific, amazing, fantastic and more! Don’t let her tiny frame deceive you. She has a gift of knowing what your body needs and uses various techniques to heal. Liza your magic hands are just what I need! Thank you for caring so much about my well being!

Tess P. Santa Cruz, CA

Amazing! Thank you so much, Liza. This is the best massage I have ever had. For reals, I got the Hot Stone Massage Therapy Massage and she was very intuitive with the way she worked. She didn’t strictly use the stones but also incorporated her own massage technique “TwoShotPress” as needed. I definaterly reccomend this hidden gem of a spot. It’s located by Ross and Pet Smart on River Street. You can hear the cars outside the window but it surprisingly didn’t bother me! Thanks again, Liza.

Renee W. Santa Cruz, CA

Liza is WONDERFUL! I am very happy with the massage I received and I will definately be going back. It’s not a “one size fits all” massage, she is very intuitive and will adjust to your specific needs.

Clare O. Aptos, CA

Great Place! I was very relaxed and looking forward to going back again!

Jessica V.

Allow Liza to use her intuition on you. She is quite gifted and an amazing massage.
Sheri z.

I had a little trouble finding the place but I was also a little late. The massage was absolutely fantastic. I loved it and I am coming back for sure!

Daniel A.

Soothing environment. Would recommend the Hot Stone Aromatherapy Treatment. Liza adjusts and checks in with you regarding pressure needs and her technique. She is sensitive to any medical or health issues. I will definately be going back!

Susan B.

Thanks for an awesome Hot Stone Therapy Massage, Liza. Youi have some magic hands :)
Renee W.

Good hands. Very relaxing. Body felt better.
Lori S.

For a tiny gal, Liza sure can put some power into a massage. That, combined with lovely aromatherapy oils, made my visit very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend her

Susan C.

“100% of customers would recommend you to a friend”
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“Wonderful person who is great at what she does!”

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“I had the Hot Stone Massage Therapy, it is wonderful! Liza is amazing. The best massage I have ever had! I will be back.”

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“It was a wonderful experience. Hurt so good!”
(Reminder: Liza only allows it to hurt upon request)
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“Fabulous massage!”
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“Highly recommend this place”
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“Wear clean underwear because that will be your garb during your massage
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“Great massage, loved it!”
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Our Bodywork Offerings:


Your one hour massage will be based on my own unique method of massage therapy, which I call the “TwoShotPress”! Based on your needs, I use an intuitive mixture of Tuina (Two), Shiatsu (Shot)and Acupressure (Press)…Together, I incorporate with energy/breath work to release any tension from everyday stress and negative energies.


This type of massage is combined with intense stretching (Yoga Style). Massage is performed using feet, hands and body weight to provide relief. Massage can be intense! I incorporate the ThaiShotPress massage with Energy/ Breath work to release any tension and energy blockages in the body. This session is performed on the floor with a specialized mat – please wear loose fitting sweats/clothing.


This is a Dragon Stone Aromatherapy TREATMENT – not a massage (see additional information below). Heated stones are used to provide additional tissue work which cannot be achieved through use of hands alone. This can be a very relaxing experience!
… Additional Information for DragonStoneAromatherapy:

This is a Hot Stone Aromatherapy TREATMENT (not a massage). There is a difference!

For example there are two different types of oils used in my Dragon Stone Aromatherapy Treatment.

The first is a blend of specially selected, quality oils which will be used on your body together with the heated stones. This facilitates the relaxing of your entire physical being. Now the stage is set for my therapy to go to work on relaxing tight muscles and melting away tension throughout your body.

The other type of oil I use is High Grade Essential Oils which balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. Sympathetic system is your body’s “Fight” or “Flight” reaction. Parasympathetic system is your body’s “Rest” and “Digest” reaction.

My specialized Dragon Stone Aromatherapy Treatment goes far beyond what you may have experienced in the past, and I invite you to come in for this deeply therapeutic session which will leave you feeling refreshed, more healthy and with a light sense of well-being!

-Cheers to Mother Earth, Let the Love Roll!

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