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Acupuncture therapy activates the healing mechanism of the body
to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Acupuncture can accelerate the healing of injured muscles and/or injured soft tissues, thus preventing the injury from spreading further. Treating injured muscles also indirectly helps to accelerate the recovery of injured bones because the healed muscles and soft tissues allow for an increased blood supply, which is needed for regeneration of bone tissue.
Acupuncture promotes rehabilitation and accelerate recovery after surgery

Most sports injury pain is of an acute nature resulting from strain and/or sprain. If an acute pain symptoms are neglected (athletes still perform while ignoring the pain), the acute pain may become chronic and lead to changes in histological structure of the tissues. The chronic problem will eventually permanently deprive the soft tissues of their functional ability, such as, for example, the full range of contraction of the muscle.

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When a professional athlete is injured, the tight schedules of training and competition usually prevent the dedication of sufficient time to achieve proper healing, even in the case of a minor injury. Some professional athletes start to perform again before they are fully recovered. The athletes and their coaches try to find a quick fix such as painkillers or steroid injections. But there is no such quick fix. As a result, minor injuries become chronic, and the damage can spread to other tissues. Consequently, many professional athletes have to live with chronic pain or, in some cases, they become disabled, threatening their entire athletic career.

NO QUICK FIX for sports injuries

Muscle has an important physiologic character: it has a memory of its injury. After an injured or sick muscle is properly treated and recovers, the pain disappears and the flexibility of the muscle fibers is restored, but the memory of the injury will stay for a much longer time, depending on the severity of the injury. As long as the healed muscles retains the memory of its injury, it becomes fatigued and weaker faster and is liable to produce pain and injury again if exposed to the same repetitive overuse. It takes time and a conscious effort toward restraint to erase a muscle’s memory of its injury. Athletes with acute muscle pain should not ignore the memory factor, which is an important part of muscle rehabilitation.

PAIN Pills should be used with caution for acute sports pain

In sports activities, pain appears as a result of cumulative stress or damage to the tissues. The pain is a warning signal intended to protect the damaged or exhausted tissues and to demand additional nutrition, oxygen, relief from stressful activity, and time to repair and regenerate the tissues. If the demand is ignored, as when pain is numbed by pills or steroid injections, which suppress pain but retard the process of healing, it can result in a future disaster for the injured athlete.

Anna Liza Van Dine

L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., CMT

  • Proprietor:
  • Doctoral Candidate at ACTCM – San Francisco
  • Intern at Highland Hospital Dept. of Integrative Medicine – Oakland
  • National Board Certified Acupuncturist Lic#:154930
  • CA Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Lic#:16589
  • Licensed in Hawaii
  • Workers Comp
  • Auto Accidents
  • Commercial & Private Insurance

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Anna Liza Van Dine
L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

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